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April 26, 2023

Countrywide Pointcloud, DSM and TrueOrtho

Our countrywide heightmodel (DSM) and TrueOrtho of the Netherlands are updated! We are using the latest aerial imagery and the latest version of our matching algorithm. We now also made a pointcloud available for the entire country.

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March 10, 2023

Sharp rise in solar panels on Dutch roofs

Readar and GeoMarktprofiel mapped all solar panels in the Netherlands. Currently we have insight in nearly 1.8 million installations in the Netherlands. This provides a wealth of information about which households have solar panels. We share some striking conclusions and developments in an infographic.

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November 10, 2021

Country wide 8cm TrueOrtho and DSM

In this blog, we explain why and how we created a country wide 8cm TrueOrtho and DSM (Elevation map) from aerial imagery. The elevation map and TrueOrtho are available for download and through our API.

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December 14, 2018

Point clouds from aerial imagery for valuation and taxation

Readar delivers point clouds from stereo aerial imagery for the valuation of real estate. Dutch municipalities determine the value of real estate every year; the WOZ-valuation. The WOZ-valuation determines the price of a number of taxes and levies. It is therefore crucial that this valuation is carried out as accurately as possible.

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Leads for Dutch wind turbine producer based on open data

EAZ has placed about 150 small wind mills in the province of Groningen but their ambitions are much larger! To expand their sales activities, EAZ was looking for good leads outside of their domestic market of Groningen. Readar has helped them in this goal by using the current customer database in Groningen as a basis to find similar companies in other provinces.

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Five reasons to map asbestos roofs

Readar has now mapped asbestos roofs for more than 140 municipalities. We often get the question: 'Why should we map asbestos roofs?'. Also, people are often curious about what other municipalities did with their data. In this blog we discuss the 5 most common applications of asbestos roof data.

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