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Sharp rise in solar panels on Dutch roofs

Readar and GeoMarktprofiel mapped all solar panels in the Netherlands. Currently we have insight in nearly 1.8 million installations in the Netherlands. This provides a wealth of information about which households have solar panels. We share some striking conclusions and developments in an infographic.

Download the infographic as pdf: infographic

Or view the results below.

Owner-occupied houses

There are big differences between privately owned and rented homes. We analyze owner-occupied homes first. The number of these homes with solar panels rose sharply from last year. Detached and semi-detached houses have the most panels: already more than a third of the owner-occupied houses are equipped with solar panels. There are also more panels on these houses: an average of 16 panels on a detached house, 12 panels on a semi-detached house and an average of 10 panels on a terraced or corner house.

solar panels Owner-occupied houses


GeoTypes are a unique classification of all Dutch residential addresses into 14 distinctive lifestyle types. Clear differences can be seen between the GeoTypes in the ownership of solar panels. The Ambitious Trend Followers remain the group with the most solar panels, but among GeoTypes that are less likely to own panels, such as the Online Networkers, we see the largest relative increase.
solar panel geoTypes

solar panels geotypes

Owners of solar panels…

…are highly educated, have above-average purchasing power, are relatively often self-employed, are environmentally conscious, are often families with older children or older couples, and have no plans to move.

owners of solar panels

The group that bought panels last year is a lot younger than the group that has had them for some time. They are more often families with young children and young couples.

Rental homes

Rental homes (excluding private rented) show the opposite relationship in terms of housing type to owner-occupied homes. Here there are more panels on terraced and corner houses.

solar panels on rental properties


Solar panels were inventoried by Readar on the basis of aerial photographs. Only solar panels on roofs are included in this analysis; solar meadows are excluded. The data was then enriched with national segmentation data from GeoMarktprofiel.

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Would you like an analysis of rooftops in your municipality, or of your customer portfolio? You can! Get insight into your target group with the data solutions from Readar and GeoMarktprofiel. For information, contact Sven Briels of Readar (06 28 91 49 81 or or GeoMarktprofiel (

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