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AI/ML Developer (Engineer)

AI/ML Developer (Engineer)

Are you an expert in the field of Machine Learning, Data Science and/or R&D software development? Do you want to focus on the technology within a small team of engineers? Please read on!

About us

Readar specializes in datamining on aerial imagery. We develop algorithms to extract data about, for example, solar panels and asbestos roofs. We are a small specialized company, but we often work for large corporates and governments. Your role will therefore have a direct impact, both on the company itself as on society.

Our technology is shifting more and more from Remote Sensing towards Machine Learning. An example of this is our method to generate 3D surface models from aerial imagery. We replaced a traditional Remote Sensing approach with a CNN which greatly improved our data quality. We deliver our 3D models as a product to multiple clients. But this data also serves as a starting point for many of our other products such as change detection and vectorized building models.

Your role

You will become our Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning expert. The focus in the first year will be on our CNN to generate 3D models from aerial imagery. You will investigate how we can improve our existing model: both on quality of the output and processing speed. This could for instance be achieved by adjustments to the existing network or by implementing various new networks. You will also investigate if we could integrate different data sources such as LiDAR and oblique imagery into the process. You will be able to make use of existing infrastructure for data querying and data pre- and postprocessing. We have plenty of high-quality training and validation data available. Your focus will be on the development of Machine Learning models without having to worry about anything else.

Apart from this you will be involved in the development of our algorithms for object detection, object classification and change detection. We want you to help us to further standardize and professionalize the way we develop and implement our models.

The team at Readar consists of experts in Remote Sensing, photogrammetry and geoinformation. We have the knowledge and tools to get the data to suit your models perfectly. However, most of us are engineers (Aerospace, Geomatics) and we develop code like engineers, not like software developers. We are actively trying to improve this by implementing CI/CD and unit testing. Relevant experience in software development is therefore highly appreciated and we would like to give you a leading role in this.


About you

We require:

  • Experience in Machine Learning, for example PyTorch
  • Experience in software development in a professional environment
  • Experience with Python
  • Flexibility, our company is in constant change and we need you to be able to change with us
  • You are available for 32-40 hours a week.

Next to this we highly value the following:

  • Experience with R&D software development in a project based or data-processing organization (contrary to working on a single software product)
  • Experience in Computer Vision
  • Experience with SQL and Postgres
  • Experience with Linux, Docker and Cloud Computing

What we offer

  • Flexible and informal culture
  • To work on the latest developments in combining AI and Remote Sensing
  • Possibility to work with researchers at top universities and to work with master thesis students (no obligation, only if you like this)
  • Company lunch
  • 30 vacation days
  • (Travel) expenses
  • Possibility for equity participation in the future


Please send your resume or LinkedIn profile along with a short motivation to

For more information please contact Sven Briels (CTO) +31 (0)6 289 14 981.